We design IT, AV, and communications systems in complex construction environments.

How we can help


We understand that delivering a high-quality ICT / AV Solution can be immensely troubling for your complex projects if you lack the expertise.

Even if you have in-house support, on some project’s you’ll inevitably realise there is a limit of the amount of technical advice you need on hand. But this doesn’t need to be the case!

As Australia’s leading independent technology consultants, we can provide your project’s with:

  • An optimised ICT / AV solution which fits your unique operational and budgetary requirements
  • Access to specialist consultants with the expertise you can leverage on your projects, no matter their complexity.
  • Functionality workshops, along with the end-to-end management and implementation on your project
  • Post-implementation reviews which ensure you’re satisfied with the ICT / AV solution

We have been involved in the design of ICT / AV systems on complex construction projects for over 15 years. We are intimately familiar with ICT / AV documentation requirements, reporting structures, and key inputs required for successful project delivery.

With 18 dedicated full-time staff, our Melbourne and Perth offices can provide specialist ICT advice on projects across Australia. Core to our business is ensuring all consultancy services are independent, ensuring you’re able to receive a solution which meets your unique requirements within budget. Currently, we have completed more than $200 million in technology consulting contracts on complex construction projects.

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