How we work with you

Understanding your project

Without expert advice and consultation there can be a host of problems which impact the value and final result of your project.

All too often businesses lack the resources or expertise to design and manage specialist AV, IT and Communications systems.

With over a decade of experience working with IT and AV technologies we found that this often contributes to significant issues, including:

  • Poor market and pricing alignment for AV and IT solutions;
  • Poor design implementation;
  • Poor integration between services;
  • An uncertainty around the risks involved in delivering their solution;
  • Slippages in project completion time and escalating costs;
  • A poor understanding of value and best practice;
  • A general mistrust of IT integrators and their services;
CHW Audio Visual Industry Award Nomination - Curtain University

How we can help your team

At CHW Consulting we understand that delivering high-quality AV, IT and Communication systems can be immensely troubling for your business, no matter how well planned and executed your project is.

There is always a limit on the technical advice you have available. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Instead, liaise with CHW Consulting, as one of Australia’s leading independent technology consultants we can help you provide:

  • An optimised AV, IT or Communications solution which fits your unique operational and budgetary requirements;
  • Access to a variety of specialist consultants with expertise you can leverage on your projects;
  • Functionality workshops, along with management of the implementation of your entire project from beginning to end; and
  • Post-implementation reviews which ensure you’re satisfied with the outcome of the design.
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