Curtin University – Social Media Command Centre

CHW Audio Visual Industry Award Nomination - Curtain University

In 2015, Curtin University Business School created a state-of-the-art social media command centre, enabling strategic monitoring of important social media channels and updates. CHW Consulting was engaged to design a Media Wall for this space, providing students using a Salesforce solution (Radian 6) with a display of multiple website portals representing marketing data for teaching and learning.

This design meant developing a display solution which allowed either a single image across one or all display zones in the array, and allowed for integration with the existing teaching and learning tools used by the staff. For this project CHW incorporated Curtin’s existing design guidelines, as well as coordinated the design alongside their current electrical, lighting, AV, and information service department.

This solution will enable students to keep up with digital innovation and changing best practices in the field of marketing. Crucially, the media wall display allows classes to combine their established curriculum with internal research and development, which is more likely to be focused on digital formats.

With our involvement in the project, we were able to assist Curtin University to develop the resources they need to prepare their students to fully embrace the digital future.