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CHW Consulting | Monash HR – Breakout Area 1| AV
CHW Consulting | Monash HR – Breakout Area 1| AV
CHW Consulting | Monash HR - Breakout Area 1| AV
CHW Consulting | Monash HR - Kitchen Area| AV
CHW Consulting | Monash HR | Meeting Room
CHW Consulting | Monash HR - Kitchen Area 1| AV
CHW Consulting | Monash HR - Boardroom| AV
CHW Consulting | Monash HR – Breakout Area 1| AVCHW Consulting | Monash HR - Breakout Area 1| AVCHW Consulting | Monash HR - Kitchen Area| AVCHW Consulting | Monash HR | Meeting RoomCHW Consulting | Monash HR - Kitchen Area 1| AVCHW Consulting | Monash HR - Boardroom| AV

CHW Consulting was recently engaged as the AV consultant for a new facility to accommodate Monash University’s administrative staff. The new facility located at 211 Wellington Road in Mulgrave, features various dedicated spaces for meetings, presentations and staff development.

The project was delivered in two stages covering different levels and required significant coordination due to time constraints. As the University staff members had already relocated to some of the levels in the new building, it was paramount that AV systems were delivered as soon as possible. A strict project timeline of 12 weeks was provided to design, document and deliver AV services to 18 spaces across two levels. In order to confirm all equipment was functional and compatible with the University’s Universal Code prior to installation, the AV systems were built and tested offsite at the AV Integrator’s factory.

CHW advised on all elements of the AV system design and managed Monash University’s processes for the delivery and handover, ensuring that the builder, AV integrator and University IT staff closely adhered to the agreed project schedule. We further provided recommendations to improve system efficiency, which Monash University have now incorporated into their standard system designs. A wide variety of different audio visual services were provided, including:

  • Presentation system for conference/meeting rooms and multi-purpose training rooms
  • Videoconference systems
  • Digital signage
  • Collaboration technologies
  • Huddle spaces

To foster a highly connected workplace, the technology enables sharing and encourages collaboration. Across the space, AV systems were discreetly integrated within interior finishes, with no wires being visible and all equipment having a dedicated storage location.

The multiple meeting rooms are fitted out with flexible AV systems that allow for wireless presentation, enabling staff to bring their own devices and present from their laptop, tablets and mobile phones. Several meeting rooms also feature Cisco MX300 videoconferencing systems which further facilitates team based collaborations from within the building and to remote campuses. The conference room’s videoconferencing system was provided with cameras which actively detects and tracks the speaker, eliminating the need for manual camera control. The executive offices are equipped with interactive SMARTkapp whiteboards, allowing for the sharing of ideas locally and via videoconferencing software.

CHW Consulting is dedicated to developing collaborative and professional workplaces through the implementation of AV systems. For Monash University, we worked with speed and precision to ensure a functional workplace was delivered on time and to the university’s high standards.