Monash University - Sir Louis Matheson Library

Monash’s Matheson Library redevelopment presented CHW Consulting with an opportunity to transform a vital part of Monash University life. The library is the core of student learning and ensuring the centre has a modern technology service is essential. Developing solutions to Client problems, which modernise teaching institutes and inspire students, is an integral part of our commitment to innovation. This redevelopment is an opportunity for CHW to create learning contexts that will engage undergraduates & graduates from all faculties.

CHW Consulting will provide specialist technical advice on the implementation of AV services across a variety of spaces. These include videoconferencing rooms, teaching rooms, conference centres, function spaces, and collaborations rooms. The diversity of technology application involves developing designs that engage with their learning contexts. Our objective is to meet the needs of the distinct spatial requirements of both the 3-8 person collaborative rooms and the 80+ person function spaces and create environments that are versatile for student use.

The Matheson Library redevelopment project is the progression of Monash’s commitment towards a greater emphasis on technology integration and learning. CHW Consulting is proud to be responsible for the AV design of this contemporary learning facility.