Monash Medical Centre AV - Refurbishment

CHW AV Monash Medical Block
CHW AV Monash Medical Block
CHW AV Monash Medical Block DSC10301679 DSC10681687

Monash University’s Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences offers comprehensive professional health training. The University recently upgraded the Monash Medical Centre AV to ensure students have access to state-of-the-art facilities to perform research and engage in their studies.

As the AV Consultant, CHW Consulting oversaw the installation of systems across 4 refurbished tutorial rooms. Interaction between instructors and their students is crucial to the learning process, and the tutorial rooms feature upgraded AV equipment designed to encourage collaboration and interaction.

Each tutorial room contains a SMART kapp IQ 65” interactive flat panel display which enables lecturers and students to share content and collaborate using an intuitive touchscreen. Lecturers have the ability to write, draw and edit the display with a digital pen, allowing for a more engaging learning experience. The tutorial rooms also allow for wireless presentation, enabling students and teachers to bring their own devices and present from their laptop, tablets and mobile phones as well contribute to the on-screen content.

The project was completed in a constrained time frame, where contractors had to ensure that all works be undertaken with speed and precision to ensure functional tutorial rooms were delivered on time, and to the University’s high standards.

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