Murdoch University High Tech Moot Court

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Murdoch Moot Court 1
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Murdoch Moot Court 1Murdoch Moot Court 2Murdoch Moot Court 3Murdoch Moot Court 4Murdoch Moot Court 5

Murdoch University’s law students will benefit from an upgraded and high tech moot court.

Murdoch University’s law school offers its student an intellectually stimulating educational experience in a world class learning environment. CHW Consulting worked collaboratively with Murdoch University to upgrade AV systems in their Moot Court to ensure the university would remain ahead of its competitors by providing leading facilities in legal education and professional development.

The Moot Court enables students to stage mock trials in an authentic and working courtroom environment. Committed to excellence in legal education, the technology in the Moot Court are similar to the systems used by the Department of the Attorney General Courts enterprise. The Moot Court also doubles as a presentation space, allowing for a variety of creative presentation formats to be accommodated with the use of videoconferencing facilities to further extend the education outcomes through distance collaboration.

The AV technology in the Moot Court courtroom includes:

  • Remote witness videoconferencing capabilities
  • Audio and Video conferencing capability
  • Video and computer based evidence presentation
  • Digital audio and video recording capability

The upgrade of the AV systems brings the Moot Court’s technology in-line with the latest digital video technology, distance learning and recording platforms as well as cabling infrastructure to support the future high resolution formats such as 4K.

CHW Consulting is dedicated to delivering customised AV solutions that encourages collaboration and the development of work-related, career specific skills. Murdoch University’s Moot Court enables law students to be fully versed with the technologies and systems currently employed in courts, an invaluable skill when practicing law. Combining our extensive experience working in courts and our expertise in education, CHW delivered an AV solution that will enhance the learning and teaching experience and outcomes for both law students and lecturers.

Client: Murdoch University

Integrator: MHW Integration