Perth District Court Building - ICT, AV, and Video Conferencing Systems

In 2008 CHW Consulting was engaged as the Technical Court Services Project Manager for the Perth District Court Building. Prior to commencing the project, CHW had already been involved in the design, project management, and support to over 200 court room systems across Australia. As a result, CHW had extensive experience in justice systems, enabling us to adequately support the future development of the Perth District Court.

With various courtroom types and other rooms requiring tailored designs, our breadth of experience enabled us to deliver systems which aligned with the stakeholder and user requirements of the Courts.

Across over twenty distinct spaces CHW delivered and project managed the AV, IT, and PABX systems, and the interface requirements between the Security, Mechanical BMS, Lighting BMS, Interactive Kiosks and Building Display Systems.

The project had numerous rooms and multiple systems that required integration across the building. This meant having access to a broad range of specialist knowledge and skills, because the overarching functionality hinged on an awareness of software, system, and enterprise level architecture.

As consultants on this project, we ensured that all the above elements were aligned with the expectation of the court and that we’re able to deliver a result that was both highly functional and highly integrated.