Ravenhall Correctional Centre - AV & ICT

CHW AV ICT Consulting Ravehall Prison

The new medium-security men’s prison at Ravenhall in Melbourne’s west was built to accommodate 1,300 prisoners. The Ravenhall Prison Project was delivered as a full service public private partnership (PPP), with the GEO Consortium being responsible for the design, construction, financing, maintenance, and operation of the facility over 25 years.

Major features of the project include:

  • Built capacity for 1,300 prisoners to meet possible future demand.
  • 75 bed mental health unit, together with specialist mental health services for a further 100 other prisoners at Ravenhall
  • Plans for service providers to continue to engage prisoners after release to further reduce their risk of reoffending
  • Flexible prison design allowing for future changes to cater for prisoners with different needs.

We delivered the Audio Visual (AV) and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) engineering design for the $670 million, facility for the Geo Consortium.

Assisting to make Ravenhall prison into a world-class correctional facility, we completed the design, tender procurement, and project management of the following technologies:

  • Advanced audio visual systems including video conferencing, building systems integration and security system integration
  • Internet Protocol TV for streaming
  • Interactive information kiosks
  • Advance prisoner rehabilitation with audio visual sensory rooms
  • Design of TeleHealth and TeleCourt systems to meet the Victorian Department of Justice and Regulations (DJR) standards
  • Interactive educational and learning systems for prisoners

In addition to the above, CHW Consulting were the lead designers on the entire active ICT infrastructure for the Ravenhall Prison, which included:

  • Compliance in design with the Information Security Manual (ISM)
  • All active networking and switching ICT equipment designed to a maximum of protected level,
  • under the Australian Signals Directorate
  • Design of four (4) distinct networks, each with their own ISM certification including:
  • Project Co network
  • Prisoner data network
  • State (DJR) voice and data network
  • Engineering system network
  • Advanced virtual desktop infrastructure and thin clients for all prisoners and prison staff
  • Centralised and highly secure ICT server infrastructure

CHW Consulting undertook a series of workshops and data gathering sessions to determine the functional, technical, and operational requirements of the ICT and AV technologies for Ravenhall Prison. With their track record of work in the Justice and correctional industry, CHW designed an innovative and cost-effective solution.

The Geo Consortium (based on Geo from the USA parent company) developed custom software for the management and rehabilitation through education for the Ravenhall Prison. This software named Gateway was deployed on the highly secure and sophisticated ICT networks and systems designed and procured by CHW. CHW’s diligent approach to truly understanding their Client’s needs has created a unique opportunity to showcase the best of breed technology in an industry that typically shuns new technological advancements.

Each prisoner will have a dedicated thin client personal computer in their cell, which will be capable of streaming digital TV, provide scheduling information for the prisoner’s upcoming activities, enable internal (intranet) online shopping and provide customised educational and learning software tools. The in-cell PC will all be managed centrally via a secure and dedicated server environment, saving the operator time and money. CHW’s unique approach to this complex problem showcases their ability to challenge the industry norms, innovate, and provide cost-effective technical solutions.

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