St Vincent’s Australia – Werribee Campus Development

St Vincent's PPP Consultants

In 2012, St Vincent’s Health Australia (SVHA) purchased land in Werribee and committed to invest $95 million to develop a new state of the art private hospital and aged care centre.

This development will provide health services to 16,000 patient’s including, orthopaedic, obstetrics, cardiology, ear nose and throat, plastic and reconstructive surgery, oncology, gynaecology, general surgery and rehabilitation. Facilities will include six operating theatres, a day procedure unit, and a cardiac catheter laboratory.

CHW was contracted to research, identify, design, document, and facilitate the implementation of a progressive and cutting edge ICT and AV solution to meet the intent of the new development. This included the following systems:

  • Local Area Network and Wide Area Network
  • Voice over IP Telephony solution (VoIP)
  • System Integration and Messaging,
  • Real-Time Location Services (RTLS), incorporating Mobile Duress and Wandering Patient solutions
  • Audio Visual Systems for meeting spaces as well as operating theatres
  • Patient Entertainment (PES)

The diversity of our team’s experience enables CHW to deliver the technology listed above without relying on external expertise. CHW as the sole designers of the ICT and AV systems can ensure the integration of the systems and technology across the project.

For CHW, working with SVA has provided us with the opportunity to help assist with one of their largest health expansion projects over the coming years and we’re excited to facilitate the health, education, and employment growth of the Werribee region.