CHW's Consultants designed the Building Services Integration for the MEC

Intelligent Buildings

CHW works closely with Builders, Architects, Project Managers, Services Engineers and Facility Managers to ensure all building automation and control systems are integrated seamlessly into your facility.

The design of Intelligent Building Management Systems often require a broad range of specialist knowledge and skills. The success of an intelligent building’s overarching functionality hinges on a breadth of knowledge on software, systems, and enterprise IP architecture.

Our objective is to match the needs of your building services requirements to the most appropriate building technologies, ensuring these two aspects of your project are aligned and integrated.

This often requires a coordinated solution across a variety of disciplines to deliver a holistic result. We provide industry best practice documentation, and coordinate designs between the various services that are to be integrated. Some of Intelligent Building Managements Systems we specialise in include:

  • Remote managements and help desk
  • Distributed control systems
  • Reporting and statistics
  • Energy usage and monitoring
  • Building automation
  • Integrated networks
  • BMS and BAS integration
  • Integrated messaging systems
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Cloud services

Fundamentally, we ensure your team can deliver a solution that is seamlessly integrated to ensure end user requirements are met.

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